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The liberator and the revolutionary share the same face! This is a personal note. It was the period when I was alive in the student activism of the socialist movement. My house was a shelter to hide for Thoppil Bhasi (famous writer) and M N Govindan Nair (minister of kerala), while they were underground. This might be the reason why I was freed from the concept of God without feeling any anxiety or vexation. A lover stepped into my adolescent mind where the strands of love and revolution were strung. He was Jesus. It was a love with the halo of divinity. Thus I lived for a long time as the lover of Jesus.

The next phase I experienced was a most severe period of reading. I walked long distances along with Che Guevara through the Bolivian war fields. I sat leaning against his body in the hot midday under the shade of cactuses. The charming face of Che stood bright in my bones, marrow, and consciousness, and in the red flowers of cactuses. The night sky was full of stars when I returned home after watching the May Day rally. Che Guevara, the huffy symbol of zealous youth, flared in each cell of my consciousness. I could never forget that night in which Che Guevara traversed from my soul to my body as though in a dream.

As I was the lover of Jesus, the liberator, and Che Guevara, the revolutionary, I felt no affection to any of the men who followed me after that saying that they were in love with me. In 1997? one of my friends, Mr. C. Gopinath Kadambanad, called me and said, “My sweety, there is news in today’s newspaper. They have published a photo proving that your lover was caught and slaughtered years back by the C.I.A. There is no palm on the dead body. They had cut it away.” While I was weeping, my friend added, “I read in the paper that the nurse who care for him in his last moments has stated that she felt the face of Che Guevara was that of Jesus at his moment of death.” Yes, the liberator and revolutionary have same face!

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